Written on the Wind (1956)

December 16th, 2011

For the first color movie we watched in the class, I thought the colors were pretty bland, except for a few burst of colors here and there. The colors that stood out to me were when the sister, Mary Lee showed up, because she had the wildest pink colors and it just caught my attention. You could tell she was going to be an interesting character to watch because she just stood out so much. From her room to her car to her clothes, the bursts of pink or red colors were just everywhere. The red or pink could have stood for her personality, because red is considered a passionate color. She was very sexual, a troublemaker, and was open about her feelings and it showed in her over-the-top face expressions. People could also tell whenever Mary Lee was there, because the background music that played was just so dramatic that it became her music. It was just so dramatic that it was actually funny.

I know she wasn’t the main character, but whenever she showed up, it just made me get excited because you never knew what she was gonna do. I found myself rooting for her in the end, even though she’s supposed to be the “bad guy”, because she wasn’t as bland as the other female character, Lucy. Lucy was pretty, smart, and successful, but there wasn’t anything interesting that pulled me into liking her. I mean, she liked Mitch at first, then she goes out with Kyle just because she feels sorry for him? Hypocrite? And that’s why Kyle thought she was cheating on him and eventually drove him to almost killing everyone. If she liked Mitch in the first place, she shouldn’t be going out with another guy.

I felt bad for Kyle, honesty, because his best friend basically overshadowed him in everything. His father liked Mitch more; his sister liked Mitch more; now his own girlfriend liked Mitch more? He just wanted someone to love him more than he/she does Mitch, but Lucy didn’t make that clear. That’s why he ended up slapping her and almost killed Mitch, he was jealous. He wanted someone who wanted him equally, but Lucy couldn’t even do that.

The ending was messed up for me, because only Mitch and Lucy became “happy”, but at what cost? Kyle and Mr. Hadley ended up dead, and Mary Lee was unhappy and alone. They didn’t deserve to be happy, because they were the ones who caused this, honestly. If they just got together in the beginning, it would’ve saved everyone their time and death. Mary Lee could have gotten over Mitch faster, Mr. Hadley might have not died in that way, and Kyle might not have become a drunk again and gone crazy.

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